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Construction & Contracting

Nim Construction Company is widely known with made by his buildings  both domestic and abroad, our company is widely known in his buildings ..

Nim İnşaat provides high quality services with international standards for construction industry through established within its body and for contracting services at home and abroad in compliance with the applicable specifications and legal regulations satisfying the expectations and requirements of its customers.

Our fields  of construction activity, Public Buildings, Social Housing ,Shopping Centers, Hospitals, Motorways and Crossroads, Facade Covering,Sports Grounds and Facilities,Swimming Pools and Facilities,Steel Construction,Prefabricated

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Construction Machines

NIM INSAAT’s operating style consists of planning as a package the supply, transport, assembly and training services for any construction equipment and appliances including heavy work construction machines used in construction work and presenting to the customer in a project.

In addition, the project is pursued from the beginning to its completion and the facilities are almost completed on a turn-key basis. 

    Construction Machines We are able to Supply and Install:

Concrete Plants
Concrete Mixers
Concrete Pumps
Tower Cranes
Crushing - Sifting Facilities
Excavators, Loaders, Bekoloaders, Cranes
Small Handy Machines

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infrastructure Services

Planning, Supplying and Implementation of Infrastructural Projects

  · Projects and implementations of sewerage waste water piping systems.

. Construction, supplying, contract manufacturing and exportation of equipment, material and technical fixtures for sewerage pipes. 

Fresh Water
Construction and supplying material and equipment of installation and piping systems for drinking water network

Landscaping - Paysage
Landscape Architecture Projects and Implementations
Landscape products manufacturing  facilities

  Cobblestone Paving Systems and Implementations
 Paving systems
   -Cobblestone Paving machinery and Vehicles
   -Cobblestone paving Projects and Implementations
 Vacuum Technology and apparatus
 Manhole and waste water piping systems
 Roof construction and Apparatus

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Water Treatment Services

 Water Treatment
- Project and implementations of water treatment systems
- Construction of Facilities
- drinkable water transporting pipe systems
- Sea Discharge

Treatment facilities; mean in general the facilities cleaning the water polluted by residential areas and industrial facilities. In addition, treatment facilities are required in many areas and actions are taken accordingly. If you want to establish a treatment facility, this means the waste of your business materially damages the environment and you are on the right track.

But when establishing a treatment facility, some points should be paid attention to. First, establishing a treatment facility is a process of engineering and the whole process from the construction of the facility to its operation is conducted by engineers. Generally such are environmental engineers. For example, if you made an agreement with a company for construction of a treatment facility, the representative of the company should visit your business and control the environment. In other words, he must perform an estimation work.  He must comprehensively learn about your production area and determine the kind, source of the waste substance, its influences on the environment, to what extent it may be hazardous in the area, namely with what capacity the treatment facility to be constructed should operate by being present on the site personally. The field on which the treatment facility shall be constructed must be determined together with the manager. Analysis of the waste substance  which should be already performed previously must be delivered to the engineer and if necessary also the engineer himself must take a sample of the substance and have it reanalyzed. The project should be executed according to such results.

The material to be used in the construction of the treatment facility should be subjected to quality control. The prices differ with one eighth percent (1/8) between poor material and quality material. Although this appears to be profitable in short term, in fact it is something which will cause losses for the manager in long term. Furthermore, there is not only one single way of troubleshooting in treatment facilities. There must be always a Plan B or even plans C-D within the proposal dossier. Namely, alternative solutions to protect the interest of the manager and reduce the cost of investment should be found. In addition it is very important for the offering company to be experienced in this field and able to present certain references. How good this company is in it business will help you have an opinion on how serios it will act when establishing your treatment facility. 


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Ongoing projects

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